If you're a Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Dentist, Chinese Medicine or Naturopath and you want to know how to get better outcomes in shorter time frames then this program is for you

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"Movement is the basis of life. The ability to assess and correct the neuromuscular system is critical in identifying and correcting imbalances within the human body"

"The Foundations of Neuromuscular Assesment" 

The Program

This is an updated and restructured certification Applied Kinesiology program designed to take your knowledge of manual muscle testing and confidence in practice to a new level.  

Combining the latest research and neurological interactions along with the only program to teach functional manual muscle testing with digital equipment.  

This hands on program taught over 8 weekends beginning in February is designed to teach you the latest techniques and procedures.  

This much anticipated series will combine nueromuscular assessment, laboratory diagnosis, biomechanical analysis and clinical management in an easy to follow highly supportive environment.

See how the program has influenced the practices of Jason, Simon and Alicia!

See how Jason (Osteopath) has become more confident in his diagnosis clinical skills with the program

Simon (Chiropractor) has improved his certainty in practice with the AK

See how this program took new grad Alicia and gave her the tools to become an integrated practtioner

Here's what you'll get:

8 weekends of the latest research and observational findings affecting muscular function 

(Sat 9-5.30, Sunday 9 - 1.30)

- Session 1 -> The science and art of Functional Manual Muscle Testing and gait

- Session 2 -> Spinal and axial skeleton assessment and correction

- Session 3 -> Peripheral joint correction, correcting muscular dysfunction and nerve entraments

- Session 4 -> The primary respiratory system

- Session 5 -> The TMJ, Brainstem and motor changes

- Session 6 -> Meridian influences to the motor system

- Session 7 -> Functional health disorders, laboratory assessment and integrated practice 1

- Session 8 -> Functional health disorders, laboratory assessment and integrated practice 2

Hands on functional manual muscle testing training using state of the art Digital equipment

A hands on practical environment with personal instruction by two of Australia's leading diplomates to help you master your craft

Countless clinical examples of cases and outcomes

8 manuals containing all you need to know

Bring your cases with you to get personaize help and guidance!

.....tons more!!!

The Investment:

Sign up to the full 8 weekend program by Jan 2020 and you'll also receive:

✔️ Free Applied Kinesiology Wall Masterchart to use as a quick reference in clinic (value $80)

✔️ 3 FREE tutor sessions conducted in our personal clinics (value $750)

✔️ Free 24/7 access to both teachers via our closed, secret Facebook group to answer your clinical questions (Value $1207)

✔️ A massive 20% saving on the cost of the total program

👉👉 Thats more than $3000 of total savings! 👈👈

Given the hands-on nature of this program, spaces are limited so get in early to not miss out!  

Your Instructors:

Dr. Trevor Chetcuti BCSc, BAppSc(clinical), DIBAK, CNET

Dr. Trevor Chetcuti is a Chiropractor, certified teaching Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology, the current chairman of the ICAK’s International Board of Research and Standards and is certified in NET. He is published and runs a busy practice in Melbourne

Dr. Stephen Sassinis Shashyan BSc, B Appl CL Sc, BA Chiro, DIBAK

Dr Stephen is a Chiropractor and certified teaching Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology. He is the current Secretary of the International Education Council and a member of the International Board of Research and Standards.

Together they bring more than 40 years of clinical experience and thousands of hours clinical teaching


Rydges Melbourne


Session 1 -> 29th Feb - 1st March 2020

Session 2 -> 2nd - 3rd May 200

Session 3 -> 25th-26th July 2020

Session 4 -> 12th - 13th September 2020

Session 5 -> 14th - 15th November 2020

Session 6 -> 27h - 28th February 2021

Session 7 -> 17th - 18th April 2021

Session 8 -> 29th - 30th May 2021